Nova Flair

Nova Flair Staubabsaugungen und Studioeinrichtung

We are pleased to offer you the excellent products of Nova Flair now!

Nova Flair is a company that makes quality and professional nail tables, suction devices and related accessories such as hand - and armrests developed. The ergonomic professional nail tables, suction devices and accessories are products that are made specifically for nail design studios and beauty salons.

Exactly at this point factor and we would like to support and Nova flair.

The range extends from nail tables, Manikürtischen, Tischabsaugungen, built-in dust extraction to further essential accessories such as several shelves for storing important business essentials.

Not only will your customers will feel comfortable with our products, you will also notice a noticeable difference and benefit from it. Because: What customers want to maintain their hands and other body parts in nail and beauty studios with a defective device?
To learn more flair Nova, you can ask in peace on the following pages about the extensive range of products. You will discover here the individual, developed by Nova flair nail manicure tables and tables and dressing table in different colors, designs and styles and also surely love and appreciate.

As you know by now, and as someone has already mentioned, you have not only the actual nail care much different note, with regard to the basic equipment of a successful studio.

The nail table / manicure table is standard and it is an important working material for the nail designer. He has an armrest, vanity units and a Tisch-/Präsentationsregal. Upon request, the table extraction or dust collection can also be installed.

We hope you enjoy our website and for further questions and suggestions like we are of course available.

Your F.N.C. and Nova Flair Team